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Anime life

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مُساهمةموضوع: Research Report   الأحد ديسمبر 11, 2016 11:20 am

This study aims at discovering the potential causes and effects of exams stress on university English students' performance. This study was conducted by questionnaire on causes and effects of exams stress and students' attitudes towards it. The results found in this study indicate that most students proved exams stress to be caused by bad timetable management and condensed difficult syllabus; moreover, most of them thought exams stress to affect their concentration. This study sums up that exams stress is a serious problem and should be in concern. It is recommended that exams timetable must be well-managed and suitable. 


     This research report was conducted by questionnaires as a means for investigating English department students' attitudes toward exams stress. A set of questionnaires containing 11 questions divided into 3 sections involved four-choice questions for section1 and 2, and two-choice questions for section3 (see Appendix). The questions were distributed to 21 students from English Department within classes and break time, outside and inside the department. The questionnaires were returned within almost 5 days, and the results were presented in percentages and tabulated in tables. 


     This section discusses the results or findings investigated by the questionnaire. A big proportion of students (98%) responded to the questionnaire. A list of the results found is presented in table1, table2 and table3 below. Most significantly, the majority of students indicated that exams stress is due to bad-managed timetable and condensed syllabus. Furthermore, most students thought that exams stress affects their concentration within exam, and suggested that exams timetable should be well-managed. 




     Apart from this, exams stress is proved to have other effects on students such as impatience, irritation and confusion, as the respondents indicated. 


     It is obviously illustrated in table1 that a big majority of students (99%) considered exams stress to be caused by mismanagement of exams timetable. Also, about 86% of participants thought that exams stress stems from condensed difficult syllabus given by some teachers in a short limited time. On the other hand, it was discovered that factors such as fear of judgment and lack of preparation doesn't significantly cause exams stress; however, fear of consequences or failure is proved by some students (80%) to have considerable effect. 

     Table2 demonstrates that many students (86%) stated that stress of exams affects their concentration within the exam as their minds go blank because of stress. Likewise, a good percentage (80%) of students declared that exams stress causes confusion, impatience and irritation. In addition, table3 clearly shows that a big deal of students (97%) felt exams stress to be a serious problem that should be considered by teachers. Likewise, all the participants agreed that exams timetables should be well-managed to make students have enough time to study, and to result in good performance. 

     The findings of this research agree, to some extent, with the findings of Dr. Samina Malik's (2015) research. According to Dr. Samina, "students have shown concern about their inability to manage time and often cannot find enough time for exercises." "The syllabus may be made comprehendible and interesting using different teaching techniques," claims Dr. Samina in her research. 


     The exams stress is discovered to be caused by bad management of exams timetable as well as condensed difficult study syllabus. Most students of English department proved that exams stress affects their concentration within the exam, and suggested that exams' timetable should be well-managed; so that students have enough time to study. 


     It is recommended that exams stress should be taken into consideration and concern. Based on the findings and conclusions of this study, the following are important recommendations: 

• manage good timetables for exams so that students have enough time to study. 
• Study syllabus may be made more comprehendible, interesting and not condensed depending on the term. 

     Apart from this, students ought to manage their time, get accustomed to exams, and prepare themselves well for the exams so that they ease some of the stress. 


-Syllabus: the subjects in course of study or teaching
-Condensed: made denser and too much concentrated


-Greenberg & Barron (2003) 
-Putwain, (2000) "Examination stress and text anxiety" 
-Latifa & Safan, (2012) "Test anxiety, and Skills of Time Management among Faculty Nursing Students."
-Dr. Samina Malik (2015) "Assessing Level and Causes of Exam Stress among University Students"


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